The idea is to use Rolemaster Stardard Rules to represent 40k.
This is not the “movie version” of 40k. This is the hard science version. There will be psionics and the warp etc but more in the tradition of dune and “latent” psionics, rather than wizards picking and learning technicques.
Main difference with dark heresy and canon such as the eisenhorn books will be that these characters and environs will be feasable. They will probably be flawed and decrepit but the mechanics- genetic implants, chem-therapy, powered armour etc might be slightly ahead of current technology but they will still suffer the flaws that would hinder that sort of mechanism. For example, powered armour makes you un-wieldy, gentic implants sometimes get rejected or run rampant, power systems fail etc.

I’m going to look to the Fantasyflight 40k games as a starting point, but what I’ve found with these systems is that they have no curve, very flat mechanics, making high lv characters very likely to succeed. And the degrees of success is fairly bland.

It’s all in the wiki.

I’m going to imbed a couple of really early bits of 40k art- 1987 and 1899. This art carries a much grittier and less fantasy feel than the later work. Less “grim-dark” and more “scifi-grit”.

Rolemaster 40,000

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